I know it’s been a long time since I got back from Italy, but I still really want to share some of my amazing adventures from Venice with you! The most important is the best apartment to stay while you’ re visiting this unique city and I will tell you more about my favourite activities in Venice!



Well, talking about Venice, maybe it’s not my favourite city in the whole world, but I truly believe that everyone should visit this unique place at least once in a lifetime, because it’s really different from other Europian cities. Firstly, it’s actually built on the water and there are no cars at all ( It was crazy for me to watch all these police & DHL boats always paddling around). Secondly, Venice has an amazing history and a huge amount of spectacular architecture pieces to see!



And now it’s time for some facts! Must do in Venice:

  1. Take a ride with gondola – I know that sometimes it looks really boring or too basic for others, but believe me, I can’t even describe that calm vibe when you are sailing through these little canals and the man behind you is singing Italian songs…But don’t forget!!! You better ask for your gondolier to sail only in small and quiet canals, because overwise you won’t enjoy your trip in these huge canals full of people at all…



2.  Eat your dinner in a restaurant next to the little canal – Yes, yes, yes. It’s Italy. The land of pizza & pasta, so please, just forget all these diets and thoughts about calories and enjoy the real Italian food! I personally really recommend to try spaghetti with mussels if you are in a local Italian restaurant! You will thank me later… Eating this kind of food while having a glass of cold wine & enjoying the view of these little streets, that’s what I call holidays! By the way, the biggest tip is to avoid these big canals, because all the restaurants there are quite commercial and not cozy at all…





3. Enjoy the taste of real gelato – Yeees… Here we go again with the food… But actually you just must to try these amazing ice cream! Of course, because of that creamy consistency I really recommend to try these ice cream in a flavour of coconut or pistachio!




I believe, I’m done with these recommendations and now it’s time to tell you more about my wonderful apartment! Why it was so special for me? Well, it had the most friendly & helpful host and I’m already missing her Italian charachter and cute smile… Of course, in these apartment we got a huge family room with a two bathrooms.. When normally all the rooms are really small everywhere in Venice. And the most important, the view near our hotel was so amazing that even painters were sitting outside our doors and painting everything what they see in the evenings… The link of this perfect hotel is here: Ca’ della corte.




Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about my short stay in this spectacular city and my tips will help you to explore Venice! Unfortunately, it was probably the last trip of this summer, but I will try to write more about my outfits and keep everyone updated what’s happening in my life, because in these upcoming two months everything will change a lot!