Hello everyone! As you have probably seen on my instagram account already I had a photoshoot with a company  www.newmood.lt ! When I started my blogging career This company was in the list of the brands I was dreaming to work with in the future! That’s why when this company contacted me and offered a collaboration I was more than happy!!!

Talking about www.newmood.lt in general it is a clothing, shoes and accessories retailer of the brands we don’t have in Lithuania! In their website you can shop brands such as: New Look, Furla, Vero Moda, Calvin Klein Jeans and so on! You could think that “Wait, I can order clothes from New Look on their online store and that’s it” BUT the coolest thing is that you can order everything from www.newmood.lt and get your order in 1-2 days!!

So, during our project with www.newmood.lt I was able to pick three outfits which I like the most for my photoshoot, I won’t lie, it was really hard because they have a huge amount of amazing clothes! But I decided to go for three really different looks which you will see below! (All the links of my clothes and accessories in these pictures will be under the photo!)



Barbie Look:

Skirt: Calvin Klein Jeans

Bag: Furla

Jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans

T-Shirt: Jennyfer



SKIRT: Glamorous

SHOES: Vagabond

BAG: Furla

BLOUSE: Vero Moda





TROUSERS: Calvin Klein Jeans

T-SHIRT: Calvin Klein Jeans

JACKET: Calvin Klein Jeans