Well, well, well, as you probably might have seen already I‘m back from  one of the most beautiful cities in our planet – Paris. After being there for the first time in my life I can really say that I fell in love with this city! All these little streets, local parisian cafes & tasty crossaints touched my soul and I just can‘t wait to go back to this magical city as soon as possible!


So, if you know me for a longer time you probably have noticed that if I‘m traveling somewhere I Always try to find the best places to eat, drink or take a photo. That‘s because  todays post will be everything what I personally recommend to see in Paris and in my next post I will tell you more about the best spots to eat!



Must see in Paris:


  1. Of course, everyone knows that they need to visit Louvre, Arc de Triomphe & Notre-Dame de Paris, but some people forget to mention how breathtaking the Sainte- Chapelle is! Definitely recommend to visit this place and don‘t forget that all the museums & churches, including the Louvre, for students are FREE, you just have to show your ID and you are able to go!



  1. Sacre –Corour Basilica & The wall of love – These two sights are located in the iconic region of Paris – Montmatre! I know that‘s a little bit far away from the city center but it‘s definitely worth visiting because Sacre – Corour is really different from other Parisian churches & in Montmatre they have one of the best crossaints in Paris, but I will tell you everything about them in my next post about eating in Paris!





  1. If you love window shopping & watching how luxurious people live, I definitely recommend to visit a street called – Aveniu Montaigne! It‘s located just next to the biggest shopping spot in Paris, Champs- Elysses where you can find shops from Zara to Louis Vuitton. Anyway, in Aveniu Montaigne you can find all these well known brands shops like YSL, D&G, Chanel & etc. And of course, at the end of this street you are able to see one of the most expensive hotels in Paris – Hotel Plaza Athenee, and believe me it looks gorgeous especially at night!



  1. If you are traveling on a budget, just like me, and you don‘t want to spend 40€ just to see Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower I have a perfect solution for you! Visit the biggest & the most luxurious shopping center – Galeries Lafayette because at the topo f this building there is a huge terrace where you can get just for free & enjoy a wonderful view of this magical city!



  1. Well, if someone asks me what was the most beautiful piece of arcitecture that I saw in Paris, I would definitely choose Pont Alexandre III bridge! It is not only really huge & full of details, but it also has an amazing view of Eiffel Tower so I would definitely recommend to go there and watch a sunset & take a few shoots while doing this!



  1. And last but not least, The Iconic Eiffel Tower – Honestly, when I was planning a trip to Paris I thought that Eiffel Tower wouldn‘t even impress me because I was thinking it‘s too boring & mainstream. But I was definitely wrong… when I first saw it all the sky was pink from the sunset and the tower sparkled from golden bulbs! Believe me, the view was spectacular & I really recommend to go and watch a sunset next to the Eiffel Tower while having a romantic parisian picnic! ( Btw at 01.00 am tower starts shining in silver, don‘t miss this view!)


I hope my recommendations will help you to see the best of Paris & after this post you already started planning a new trip to this magical place! In my next posts this week I’ll be sharing the best secret places to eat and I will share everything about the outfits I was wearing!