Hello everyone! I’m finally on my way back from Budapest and I can’t wait to be back home and hug my boyfriend. Of course, I’m writing this post because I want to tell you more about my trip to Budapest: What I would recommend to visit, where we lived and so on…

Well, if you’re planning to go to Budapest I would say that 3-4 days is totally enough to see everything there! However, we wanted a direct flight and that’s why we spent 6 days here which was a little bit too long for us. I travelled here with my parents because they have a tradition to spend mom’s birthday in a foreign country (usually a big city) They have already visited Barcelona, Paris, Rome, New York, Nice and now they chose to travel to Budapest and I decided to join them!



Talking about Budapest, in general, I would say that it’s definitely worth visiting! Budapest’s old town is huge with a lot of wide streets, an active nightlife, many amazing restaurants and magnificent buildings. When I was flying there I thought it would be just a big old-fashioned city with restaurants full of goulash soup and other Slavic dishes. Buuuuut, I really changed my mind when I saw a city full of Vegan restaurants, Instagramable coffee shops and a huge amount of young people.





As soon as we needed a place to live for three people the best decision for us was to rent an Airbnb apartment, because in a hotel you have to take another room for a third person and it costs a lot… I have chosen unique old town apartment with really high ceilings and two separate rooms for me and my parents. You can find a link to our apartment – here . The apartment wasn’t really luxurious or amazing but it was clean and okey for us because we didn’t spend a lot of time at home!  

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As soon as we had six days in Budapest we have visited all of the must visit places here, but my favourites were these:

  • Parliament of Budapest – It looks amazing in a daytime, but it looks even more insane at night! So, I would definitely recommend to go on a boat ride and see all the most beautiful buildings from Danube river at night! You can just go by the river in the evening and buy a ticket for ~10 euros in any ship which offers a night tour in Danube river! BUT don’t go to a ship with 2-3 hours dinner and a piano concert, because we paid 95 euros per person for this and the food was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  


  • Szechenyi & Gellert Thermal Baths – Budapest is famous for its huge thermal baths and we also decided to visit them! Well, from my Instagram photos you can think that “wow, it looks so beautiful” Well, yes, the buildings are beautiful but all the changing rooms and customer service was terrible there (If you’re a Lithuanian, imagine “Linas” swimming pool  in Palanga these days, so yes, the changing rooms and all the inside of this building looks exactly the same) So if you a real fan of clean and hygienic places, prepare yourself for it. Also, when you go there don’t forget to take slippers and your own towel, because otherwise you will have to pay to rent i




  • Fisherman’s village and Buda castle – These two are located on the top of the hill, to go there you can just climb a mountain on foot through the street or you can take a funicular to go to the top! I don’t actually have much to say about these attractions because we saw them just from the outside, but I would say that it’s definitely worth to visit them because they look really interesting and unique!



Honestly, I was kind of surprised of how many good and different restaurants you can find in Budapest! That’s why we tried a different restaurant with my parents every day and these were our favourites:


  • Vintage Garden – Amazing interior & food! We ate our breakfast here and we really liked it so we decided to come back for dinner and it was amazing too!!! It was really surprising for me because you can’t usually find good food in an instagramable places like this one, but in this restaurant everything was AMAZING! Highly recommend!!! (The link of this place – here)


  • New York Café – It was definitely the most beautiful café I have ever seen! The food was REALLY pricy there and not that good, but I would still really recommend to visit this place just for a cup of coffee and enjoy the magnificent interior! Also, don’t forget to book a table online, overwise you will stand in line for ~30 minutes. (The link of this place – here )


  • Cirkusz – A really popular place for breakfast because they have a huge menu full of different options for you breakfast, they serve breakfast food all day, the food is really tasty and the prices are really low! For ex. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice cost only 1 euro! (The link of this place is here )



Well, I believe that’s all from me today, I hope these recommendations will help you while exploring Budapest and if you have any questions contact me through intagram Direct messages!