If you’re following me on instagram for a long time, you probably have already noticed that traveling is a big part of my life! Well, yes, maybe I travel not so often, because I’ve just finished school and now I have to study at my university, but I’m trying to use every holiday for traveling and I can asure you that next year I will travel way more often! This year I have set a goal for myself to visit at least five different countries and you know what? I made it!!! This year I visited France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and one more trip is coming up in a few weeks, so I can’t wait to explore one more spectacular city this year! Moving on, in 2018 I will set a goal for myself to visit 7 different countries in one year! Can you imagine how big this number is? But yes, I want to travel as much as I can and explore even more exotic countries in Asia or South America, because I’ve never been there!


Of course, I’m a student now and traveling is quite expensive leisure time activity. That’s why I decided to write this post and give you some tips how I afford traveling as a student and what are the cheapest ways to do it!



  1. Travel between January and March.  

Yes, these months are the cheapest to travel and you can find plane tickets to other Europe cities for an unbelievable prices! So, don’t hesitate and go buy tickets for your next adventure! ( If you don’t really know where you want to travel you can use www.skyscanner.net because it has that function “Anywhere” and like this you can see where you can travel for the lowest price!)




2. Buy plane tickets approximately 60 days before your flight.

It is said that plane tickets are always cheaper 2-3 months before the flight and some researchers even claim that the best time to buy tickets is on Tuesday, between 11-13 hour, because this is the time when all the airlines make changes in their websites and you can find tickets for a great price!


3. Rent a shared apartment instead of booking a room in hotel.

If you’re interested in traveling you probably know this amazing website: https://www.airbnb.com/ ! It is basically a website where you can rent a flat or apartment from people living in the city you want to travel! Of course, in this website you can chose either you want to have all the flat for yourself or it’s okey for you to have just your own room and live together with the host. So, two biggest advantages of choosing “airbnb” instead of a hotel is: it is way cheaper & you can find flat with incredible interior and view, especially in Paris!

THE BEST THING: Register to this website through this link: www.airbnb.com/c/kamiled53  and you will get 25 euros discount for your first room!!!





4. Bring some snacks from your home country & cook at home.

Well, it might sound not so cool, but we all know that restaurants & cafes are usually really pricey, especially in big cities… So, if you want to save some money and eat tasty food, try to cook at your apartment! Talking about my personal experience, when I travel I always try to choose one meal per day which I will eat in a restaurant, because I love exploring unique restaurants and cafes, but all the other food I buy from the shop and cook something! (For example, if I really want to try traditional Italian spaghetti in a restaurant which costs a lot, I will eat my breakfast at home, make some sandwiches or salads to eat for lunch and when treat myself with a huge plate of spaghetti in great Italian restaurant!)

Talking about the snacks, I always take some snacks from my home country when I’m traveling! If you know that you’re going to spend all day exploring the city it’s really smart to have some nuts, dried fruits or healthy bar in your bag! Bringing your favourite snacks to your trip will not only save you money, but also will ensure that you won’t be hungry!




5. Search for free entrance museums or student discounts

Sometimes you can spend a huge amount of money for entrance to museums, churches or art galleries… But you can easily avoid it by doing some research about places you want to visit and buying tickets online! For example, many people don’t even know, but Louvre museum has a free entrance with student card or many other places is free on a few days in a week! So, nobody will tell you it’s free, that’s why you have to make your own research about it!


Well, I hope these little tips will help you to spend less money while traveling and It will help you to travel even more! If you have any questions or suggestions for my future posts please don’t hesitate and leave them in a comment section bellow!