Ciao! Or welcome back to my blog! As you probably might have noticed I just got back from an amazing & colourful vacation & now I‘m really excited to tell you everything about it! So let‘s get started!




Well, yes, the most interesting & unusual thing about this vacation was that I travelled everywhere by a cruise ship & actually it was my first time in a such a big ship, so I was really excited to try this new way of traveling!



So, our holidays started at the Riga airport from where we took a flight to Milan ( unfortunately, we haven‘t got any time to see this amazing city…, but it‘s on my bucket list so I‘ll definitely visit it one day! ) When we got a train from Milan to Venice, where our cruise ship were waitting for us! Everyone was asking about the company of our cruise, well, we traveled with but all this trip was planned by Lithuanian travel agency



Talking about the ship, it wasn‘t luxurious or new at all, but we‘ve choosen this cruise because of the places we had a chance to see! Even though it wasn‘t the most luxurious we had a few swimming pools, fitness centre, concert hall, cinema, good food & everything anyone could ask for a great holidays! The  cruise took seven days from which four of them we spent exploring new cities & two days at the sea!



Okey, and now I believe it‘s time to talk about the places we‘ve visited during this trip!

Dubrovnik, Croatia – the first & personally for me the most spectacular place from our cruise! Dubrovnik is a little city with an amazing nature & unique history! What amazed me the most was the idea  that in the same place you can take a walk in the beautiful old town or go cliff jumping at the tuquoise Adriatic sea! I actually fell in love with this city & definitely will visit it again one day!


( Dress – Shein  / Sandals – Mango  / Sunglasses – Maxmara )




Kotor, Montenegro – Okey, I won‘t lie, that when we got our cruise tickets I saw the name of this city for a first time in my life… But when we just arrived to Kotor I understood that this city is just yet undiscovered pearl of Adriatic sea! When you just came here you saw a port full of yachts, palm trees & mountains around them and this view actually reminded me of Monaco a little bit, bet when you go through the gates of this city you see an amazing old town surrounded by huge mountains & believe me, the view is insane… The biggest thing that I recommend to do in this city will probably be to climb a mountain! There are a little stairs & in about 45 minutes you can reach the highiest point of this path from where you‘ ll be able to see the amazing panorama of Kotor!




( Shorts – Zara / Blouse – Mango / Sandals – Ego official )


Santorini, Greece – if you follow me on instagram you probably might have read my little talk about this island ( if not, it‘s here: ) Unfortunately, probably I excpected too much from this little island, but the fact is that when we came to Santorini we had a really short amout of time, the island was full of tourists & the weather was extremely hot… Maybe because of these facts I wasn‘t really impressed by Santorini, but the most anoying thing in this island is that if you want to get to the top of the mountain there the city is, you have three choices: take a donkey ride, go by foot ( it‘s only 250 steps ) or take a tube ride. The thing is that we decided to go by foot because the line near the tube was insane & we were afraid to be late to our ship. And here was the moment when I named Santorini – the India of Europe… All the stairs to the „dream island“ were full of donkeys poops & these donkey riders actually were going into people and nobody was responsable for it!! I got really annoyed by the crazy infastructure of this island & I promised myself if I will ever get back here I‘ll fly with helicopter or something… And for now, I don‘t want to say that Santorini isn‘t beautiful, where are many little white houses & these bright doors and flowers looks really fantastic, but if you ever travel here, try to avoid the time when Santorini is full of tourist because all these people just destroy the beauty of this island..


( Dress – Mango / Shoes – / Sunglasses – Make heads turn )



( Jumsuit – Zara )


Katakolon, Greece – The last stop of our seven day cruise was this little fishermen city which even reminded me of Nida a little bit! Of course, the main reason why cruise ships stops here is because about 15 km away you can find the city of Olympia where the first Olympic games thousands years ago took place! Unfortunately, because of the really hot weather me & my family decided to go to the beach instead of exploring historical places in that crazy heat! The city of Katakolon didn’t impressed me itself, but I really liked these bright walls & turquoise water there!


( Blouse & Shorts – Mango )

Well, I guess that’s it about my unforgettable vacation by ship! After visiting Katakolon we went straight to Venice port & when my family decided to spend three more days in this amazing city, but everything about my advetures in Venice & the best apartment will be up on my next post! I hope you enjoyed reading my first cruise experience & if you have any questions about it feel free to comment or write a DM for me!