Well well well, If you have been following me for a longer time you might have noticed already that I really love exploring new restaurants… Especially when I’m in Vilnius I just can’t go to the same restaurant for a few times, even though I really liked it, because I know that there are a plenty of places where I haven’t been! Anyway, I’m a real morning person so it’s obvious that breakfast or brunch is my favourite meal of the day and I actually love spending my morning in a cute restaurant enjoying something really sweet! (Yes, I always crave something sweet for my breakfast so I can’t say anything about eggs or english breakfast in the places I visited…)


My favourite places for a brunch in Vilnius:



  1. “HABIT” – It’s a new restaurant located in the heart of Gediminas Avenue which has a really contemporary interior and helpful staff! Talking about the food I had THE BEST oat & quinoa porridge in my life! So, if you are a fan of healthy food and when you hear about the oat porridge with nuts and coconut milk your heart starts beating definitely try this place! By the way, I have also tasted a little bit of croissant and It was really good actually! And one more great thing about this place is that they have a variety of breakfast for different kind of tastes, so you will definitely find something you like! More information about this place here!





2. “Sugamour” – a luxurious place where you can find an amazing interior and the tastiest desserts! Well, “Sugamour” is probably the place which have never dissapointed me, but talking about the breakfast, I will definitely recommend to try curd pancakes! Believe me, you won’t regret it… They’re sweet, soft and tastes like heaven! Of course, if you’re not a fan of pancakes you can definitely try an amazing oat porridge here! More information about this place here! 




3. “Kavos virėjai” – it’s a little cosy cafe which makes waffles for a brunch on Sundays! Unfortunetely, I haven’t tried their waffles yet, but I tried their croissants and they actually reminded me of Paris! The soft taste of butter and these cute blue cups made me feel like I’m in Paris again! Anyway, if you don’t really like croissants they also have a few types of fresh sandwishes and buns every morning! You can find more information about this place here!




4. “Kitchen” – My beloved place with the best view from their balcony! Well, talking about this cool place, I love it because of its friendly staff, reasonable prices & the amazing view of Town Hall Square! Talking about the bruch here I ordered a french toast, but unfortunetely, I didn’t really like it… BUT I tried my boyfriend’s oat porridge with banana and cinnamon it was AMAZING! So, this place is definitely a must-visit when you are in Vilnius, but for a brunch I would recommend to choose porridge! More information about this place here! 



My wishlist of places to try for a brunch:

  • “Cafe backstage”
  • “Desertine atostogos”
  • “Stebuklai”
  • “Bizzare”


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and my recommendation will be useful for you! If you have any questions about these or other cafes feel free to write a direct message for me or comment down bellow! See you in my next post!