Hey everyone ! I have just returned from a few days vacation at Birstonas and now I am full of new ideas and energy! As you probably might have seen already I stayed at this new and spectacular hotel “Vytautas mineral SPA” and I can’t wait to share with you all the experiences from this hotel!



Well, we bought a coupon at www.grupinis.lt and we spent two nights at this amazing hotel, but you also might find many different offers in other websites and spend less money than booking a hotel trough their original website! Talking about Vytautas Mineral Spa in general, I reallly liked the interior of this place! If you are a blogger or minimal style lover this place is made for you… The room, restaurant, pool area and even all the baths were so modern and stylish that I wanted to film everything!





Moving on, the food was really tasty and what surprised me the most was that they even had the chia pudding and a variety of nuts for breakfast, so, it is also a perfect place for people who prefer healthy lifestyle! ( I probably forgot to mention but they even have yoga & trx classes everyday so it is perfect if you want to stay in shape ) Also, catering of all day were in a priciple of buffet, but the hotel also had a restaurant “Moon” where you can enjoy a luxurious dinner or wine and dessert!




Okey, I believe it is enough about hotel and it is time to talk about my new outfit! Well, all these wooden details here inspired me to wear something sandy  and, of course, everyone knows that weather in Lithuania isn’t  even close to summer so I just had to wear something really warm! That’s why I always say that my style really depends on my mood, place where I’m going to or weather! One day I can wear jeans and cozy jemper and other day I want heels and red lips!


White sneakers / Twinset  

Trousers / Mango

Bag / Guess

Earrings / H&M

Watch / Mockberg


I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any questions about this hotel or my outfit don’t be shy and ask me here in comments or write a message in DM! I will always answer! Now I don’t have many plans, probably I’ll stay in my hometown for a few days and shot some exciting outfits for wapsva fashion boutique and after that I will probably visit our capital Vilnius for a day! Have a nice and productive week and see you soon in my next post!