Hello everyone, as you probably saw on my instagram account I just got back from Malta! We spend 7 days there with my boyfriend an it was our first proper vacation to another country so everything was amazing! Moving on, I‘m writing this post to tell you more about where we lived for 34 $ per night and so on!

So, talking about general things we lived in a small city in Gozo island called Marsalforn but there was nothing much to do in this city so we were traveling and exploring places around. We traveled everywhere by a public transport (we bought 7 days card for 21 euros, it was a really good deal because one ticket cost 2euros). We wanted to rent a car for a few days but in Malta they rent cars only for people older than 25 years old so we didn‘t have an opportunity to do this…


If you would ask why we lived in a small city and not in Valletta or something. So it is all about the price… Of course, you can live in the best hotel and the best location in Malta island, but you will have to pay for this. Me and my boyfriend we are still students trying to start living on our own so we don‘t have money for expensive thing at this moment, that‘s why we always try to travel as cheap as possible!   My goal of this post, instagram posts and stories about traveling is to show people that it is not expensive to travel and you can find 1000 different opportunities where to go and where to live for a really small price if you really want to explore the world (If you are insterested this 7 days trip cost us: ~420 euros per person. Flight tickets – 140 eur, Apartment – 124 eur, Transport – 46 eur, Food ~130 eur and you can do it even cheaper if you won‘t eat in the restaurants or find a cheaper flight ticket!!!)




We lived in a shared @airbnb apartment in the Gozo island next to Malta. We lived with Vegan family and it was a little bit hard to relax because the family was at home all day long and they were not really communicative or friendly. Anyway, because of the strange family we spent a lot of time outside and we had an AMAZING pool!!! We also had our private room and bathroom so it was a great deal for such a small price! You can find a link to this apartment here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20897693 . And OF COURSE, IF YOU WILL REGISTER TO AIRBNB THROUGH THIS LINK: www.airbnb.com/c/kamiled53 YOU WILL GET 30 EUROS DISCOUNT FOR YOUR FIRST TRIP!!!! 


Must visit places:


We spend 7 days in Malta and we visited a lot of different places:

  1. Mdina city – really small city full of colourfull doors, little streets and amazing buildings. If you will come with a bus you will see a big gates and through them you will enter the main place you need to explore!


  1. Blue Lagoon – A really beautiful place with turqouise water! This place is full of tourists during day time, so if you have seen blue water before I would not recommend to go there because it is nothing more there than beautiful water full of people:D But if you are like me and you really want to see that magical blue you can go! This lagoon is in the island called Comino and you can get there by a ferry or little boat for 10 euros forward and back. Also, when we were visiting blue lagoon we find a spot to jump from the cliffs, but if you have enough time or live in Malta island I would recommend to go cliff jumping to St. Peter‘s pool, because you will find more places to jump there!




  1. Valletta city – This city is the capital city of Malta so logically it is the most touristy and  in the whole island! You can find there really cute streets, but you can also do some shopping if you want to.



  1. Gozo island – As I mentioned before we lived in a little city of Gozo island called Marsalforn but there was nothing to see there. Anyway, if you will live or come to Gozo island (If you live in Malta it cost 4.65eur to go forward and back by a ferry) I would definitely recommend to visit Victoria city because it is the most beautiful city in this little island! Also, if you will rent a car you should visit Wied il-Ghasri and Wied il-Mielah these places are really beautiful, there is no way to get there with a public transport so you can either go there with a car or go by foot (what we did).


If you have any kind of questions about this island don‘t be shy and write me a Direct message through instagram, I will try to help with everything!