Good morning everyone! I personally believe that Saturday & Sunday mornings are made for tasty breakfast and youtube videos! I love these kind of mornings when you don’t have to hurry and you can enjoy your tea while watching videos of your favourite vloggers! Well, I think it is time to tell you my all time favourite youtube channels which I enjoy watching the most! I hope you will like it too!



  1. Negin Mirsalehi (Youtube channel)

She is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the world! She lives in Amsterdam and has her own hair oil brand called “Gisou”. She is not only my favourite blogger, but also one of my idols! I love her style, personality & the way she communicate with her readers! The main thing why I love her youtube videos is because she shows a lot of everyday life and it is REALLY interesting to watch, especially on fashion weeks when she is getting ready for the best designer’s shows, when she organizes her clothes or goes shopping! Also, she has an amazing boyfriend who make all the videos even funnier! I DEFINITELY recommend to watch her videos and if you like fashion & traveling, you will love it!! (Her instagram:



2. Janni Deler (Youtube channel)

This Swedish girl lives in Monaco and travels the world with her beloved boyfriend and youtuber Jon Olsson! I love her videos, because they are all made in different countries and she is always positive and honest with her viewers! Me and my boyfriend love to watch Janni or Jon videos, because these two are perfect instagram couple and you are able to enjoy all the adventures they go through while traveling the world and working with different companies! (Her instagram:



3. Romee Strijd (Youtube channel)

Would you ever thought that it would be SO interesting to see the supermodel’s life from the inside? Here it is! One of the Victoria’s Secret angels Romee Strijd decided to start filming youtube videos while showing her personal life, workouts, outfits and etc. There is not so many of them right now, but I believe she will improve and we will see more of her glamorous life really soon! (Her instagram:



4. Emitaz (Youtube channel)

Fashion blogger, world explorer & the cutest person I have even seen! And yes, I have met her in real life when I was in Paris this summer and it was amazing! Talking about her youtube channel she always uploads quality videos from her trips or fashion events so it really enjoyable and interesting to watch! (Her instagram: