Good morning everyone! It was a really exciting day for me yesterday! I woke up really early, worked on some emails and then went to a meeting with a really feminine & unique brand “VUJ VUJ” and you know what? From today I’m working as a social media manager for this company! I’m actually really happy about that because I like almost everything what they make and it’s amazing to work with a brand who makes something you love!



Moving on, the other half of the day I spent with my little cousin! We were just walking around, eating, shopping ( I finally found a really cool checked trousers in zara and I will show them to you really soon! ) and shooting some photos for my blog! By the way, I visited this cosy cafe “Elska coffee” and I actually liked it! I will definitely come back here, because it looks like a perfect and calm place to work or enjoy an afternoon coffe!




Talking about my outfit, I wasn’t in a mood of wearing a dress or something even though it was a really hot day today… So, what I did, I wore my favourite white trousers from Mango which actually match perfectly with anything and put a new stylish belt on to add a little bit more to this outfit! Of course, the main detail of my today’s outfit was this oversized checked jacket which cost me 4 euros 😀 Yes, I personally believe that thrift shopping is actually a life saver, but I just sometimes forget that they even exist… So, if you want a cool checked jacket I would definitely recommend to search for them in thrift shops and don’t buy it from zara, because you will pay 50 euros instead of 5.



White sneakers / Twinset

Jacket / Trift shop, but you can find something similar here: Zara

White trousers / Mango

Sunglasses / Maxmara

Handbag / No, it’s not a real gucci bag, but I hope one day I will buy one…

Belt / Zara