Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great day today! I’m finally back in Vilnius and can’t wait to start new projects and collaborations here! Talking about last week I spent almost a week in my hometown Šiauliai. I met some of my old friends, enjoyed beautiful nature in my boyfriend’s place and celebrated a really cool birthday of my cousin Rokas! Of course, the time flied really fast and it was time for my little cousin Migle to leave Lithuania… That’s why we went to Riga and spent an evening there! The funniest thing is that all the time we come to Riga it’s always some kind of special day in this city:D Last time when we were here I needed to buy some clothes for my vacation and all the shops were closed because Jani day is the biggest celebration in their country :))) So, I didn’t buy anything….. And this weekend it was a huge Riga festival and like always we didn’t know anything about it..:D If you watched my insta stories you probably might have seen these spectacular fireworks from this event!



Talking about yesterday, I woke up really early, packed last clothes which I needed to bring to Vilnius, went to my old workplace “Saulės miestas” and shooted some photos for a new post about September 1st outfits! Of course, after that we went to Vilnius, shooted some photos for my blog and went to the best pizza place in town “Pizzaland” (definitely recommend to try this place!)



Well, I believe it’s time to talk about my yesterday’s outfit! Yees! I finally got these beautfiul and super trendy zara trousers which I mentioned in my wishlist of fall 2017 and they look perfect not only for a classy outfit, but also for this casual outfit with white sneakers! However, my favourite detail of these trousers are these frills on the pockets… I adore them…



Check trousers / Zara

White jacket / Zara

Watch / Daniel Wellington

White sneakers / out of stock , but you can find something similar here: New mood

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will try to post more this week because many exciting things will happen! If you have any questions or suggestions for my future posts please leave them down below or send a DM for me!