Wooohoo! I can‘t even believe that my school exams are finally done and now I can do the things I actually LOVE. So, if you‘re following me for a long  time you might know that around one year ago I decided to try blogging, because I Always liked to share my experience with others. That‘s why I created amateur website and started writing some styling, traveling and healthy eating tips. Of course, year have passed and now I understand that I would love to work in this sfere!  That‘s why I created my own website and now I‘m ready to give all my time and energy for this activity at least  for a summer!  ( because when university studies will hit me )

The reason I‘m writing this post is because I want you to know what is the aim of this blog and how it works. Firstly, I won‘t do these typical bloggers posts about outfit and why I‘m wearing one or other clothing piece, just because I believe is not useful or enjoyable to read.  Secondly, the main information that I‘ll post here will be my life experiences about everything: trips, studies, stylisg hacks, events & etc.  I just want to make this blog a place where you can find inspiration, enojy looking at creative pictures or read my thoughts about different life topic, just because I believe that my life isn‘t just about the fashion and I have much more to say!

I hope you like my new website and the idea of it! I’ll post here every week and we will see how it goes and now I’m hurrying to pack my luggage and next time we’ ll meet there! Can’t wait to share some photos from this magical city! P. S. Please don’t judge me for not perfect english knowledge and some mistakes, I’ll improve 🙂

White blouse  /  Mango
Watch  /  Daniel Wellington
Heels  /  Zara
Earrings  /  H&M