Hey everyone! You might have noticed already that this season check is almost everywhere… You can find any clothes with this pattern: From coats, dresses & jackets to bags and even shoes! It’s really trendy right now and it doesn’t really matter what kind of colour it is! The best thing is that with only one check clothing piece you can make a lot of different outfits. So today I will tell you more about how to style and wear check!



First of all, let’s start from the most basic part… Everyone knows that any kind of clothing with a noticeable pattern looks perfect with black! And that’s what I did today! I took my vintage jacket and mixed it with my favourite leather pants and over-the-knee leather boots. Of course this outfit wouldn’t look so chic and stylish without this unique leather belt which you can use not only on the blouses or dresses, but also on jackets to make the look a little more extra! Talking about the bag this outfit would be perfect even with a simple black bag, but this elegant check bag was a cheery for this look!



Of course, If you want to look really stylish you may match check jacket with check pants, but make sure that the pattern is the same! All check outfits would look really cool, because it’s trendy right now to wear all the clothes in the same colour! (I will upload a photo on my instagram with check jacket and pants really soon, so you will see how I styled it!)


Shoes / Old ones from Zara ( similar Zara)

Bag / Zara

Jacket / Vintage (similar Zara )

Belt / Old one from Zara (similar Mango)

Sunglasses / Maxmara