Good morning everyone! A long time have passed since my last post here, but because of my new studies I decided to post only 1-2 posts a week… And probably I’ll post on Sundays! Well, talking about the last week it was craaazyy… I had an important meeting with Bartanger team and luckily I’ll be the ambassador of this brand in Lithuania! Can’t wait to try their products and tell you more about it! Also, I’ve done a huge amount of different things this week, but the most important it was my first week at ISM! (for those who still don’t know, I’m studying International business and communication in ISM) Honestly, this week in ISM wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be! I thought I won’t understand math in english or will fail in my english lectures… But, hopefully everything went great, all the lectures were really interesting and lecturers were really friendly and warm with their students! Anyway, I’ll definitely tell you more about my studies on my blog after studying here for a month!




Talking about this weekend, I got back to my hometown after almost a month spent in Vilnius because I had a few tasks to do here! Moving on, on Saturday I woke up really early, got my nails done, went to “Saulės miestas” to shot photos for their blog and it was the last time working for them because from now on I live in Vilnius… After that my boyfriend picked me up, we were shooting a little bit and then went to his countryside to play with little bunnies and eat dinner with his family! Honestly, these days we’re trying to spend as much time as possible together with my boyfriend because next week he is leaving to UK for his studies and we’ll live separately for a looong period of time…:/



Anyway, talking about my outfit, I just really wanted to wear this leather skirt & cozy sweater combination which is really trendy right now and I did it! I wore my new “Morgan” skirt which I LOVED from the first sight! I found this beauty in “Aprangos galerija” and I think I’ll wear it a lot! Of course, I wore this stylish captain cap which is a must have this season!

Skirt / Aprangos galerija

Shoes / Deichmann

Cap / H&M

Sweater / Mango

Bag / Coccinelle

Coat / Old one from Italy