Finally!!! My favourite month of the year is here! I’m so excited for all the upcoming events and trips of this season! Well, probably the biggest change in my life this autumn is that I’m starting to live on my own in my beloved city Vilnius! It was a dream for so long and now I’m finally here! Of course, I’m a little bit scary of this new page of my life, especially studies… but I hope everything will be okey and I will definitely write a post about my studies and tell you more how everything goes!


Talking about my fall season style I love to wear leather pants! They not only match perfectly with any kind of outfit, but also looks super stylish and makes your legs look more skinny! Of course, I had many different weight stages in my life. One year I was super skinny, but after a year I gained ~15 kg. and looked not so good… (if you want to know more about my weight and eating problems just comment and I will try to write more about it)  Anyway, the thing I wanted to say is that despite my weight changes I knew how to dress to look skinnier and that really helped me to survive that stage when I weight way too much…So, the first thing which I always wear on fall/winter seasons is leather pants, but the most important thing is that I don’t wear them with short blouses or sweaters, but I love to layer up my clothes and wear leather pants + long loose shirt or long sweater! Wearing something like this will help you to cover your hips & butt with a loose shirt and the bottom of the legs will look way thinier!




Well, my todays outfit is definitely something I could wear till the end of my life:D All black with a little bit of trendy & stylish details! Of course, when I saw this cool jacket I immediately said that I NEED IT and I know that in autumn I will wear it every single day because it’s not only looks really stylish but also fells very warm! I believe that’s all for today and I will be back really soon because I have a lot of exciting stuff coming soon! So keep updated & see you soon!


Jacket / Zara

Leather trousers / Only (“Aprangos galerija”)

Boots / Zara (last season, but you can find something similar here)

Watch / Kapten&Son

Long black blouse / Zara

Bag / Coccinelle