Hey everyone! I know that a lot of time passed since the last post on my blog, this happened because December was crazy for me, when Christmas came up and from the beginning of January I’m still trying to end all the exams for first semester in my university… Anyway, I needed this little break from my work and social media to get inspired and to think about new ideas for my account! But now after spending a lot of time with my friends and family I’m full of new ideas and ready to do my best in this sphere!


Talking about my style these days, I’m already tired of winter… I just can’t wait for the moment when you can wear lose dresses, jackets, sneakers and etc. because then you can create million different outfits and shoot them outside, while now you can only wear sweaters and big scarfs, otherwise you will freeze…:/ However, talking about this particular outfit which I wore on Friday, I was just tired of always wearing the same black leather pants and a simple sweater… That’s why I started thinking what kind of trousers might fit with my new INCH2 boots, I tried many of them and I finally find out that these burgundy trousers which I found on sale in Mango. It actually looks pretty great!


Boots / INCH2 

Trousers / Mango

Handbag / Zara  (you might find it at shop on sale section, but there is something similar here)

Puffer jacket / Mango