Hey everyone!  A quick update what I’m doing these days is that yesterday we celebrated my dad’s birthday with all the family and many of you asked for the recipe of the cake which was on my insta story, so, the recipe is in my old blog: www.nebeveikiaa.lt  but instead of kinder bueno I used bounty and you can actually bake this cake with any chocolate bar you like!



Moving on, today I woke up really early, packed the last things for my trip and went to Vilnius where I’ll spend all the week with my cousin Migle! Also, today I went to take a few photos for a really feminine dresses brand “Uršula”! We made a few stylish outfits and shot the dresses of their old collection, but really soon they will bring out their new A/W’17 collection so I can’t wait to see the new dresses and share some photos of them with you!



I believe, It’s time to talk about my stylish outfit of today! Well, a few days later I saw this cool picture from a fashions show on my pinterest account and it actually inspired me to wear something similar! That’s why I decided to wear this elegant “SandraYushka” dress/shirt and use this unique Caisofficial waistbag as the main detail of my outfit!



Shirt / Sandra Yushka

White sneakers / Twinset

Waistbag / Caisofficial

Watch / Daniel Wellington 



I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any questions please leave them down bellow or write me a DM!

P.S. This week will actually be really exciting and I will have a lot of content to share with you, so keep updated! See you soon!