Hey everyone! It was a really busy day for me yesterday, but I can’t complain, because I love these kind of days when you don’t even have a minute to chill and you’re running everywhere! So, as you probably might guess from the title I will tell you more about what we were doing at Leonor Greyl & Deichmann events!



Well, talking about Leonor Greyl event it was really interesting to learn how to wash your hair in a right way! The professional hair stylist told us that there is a difference between hair shampoo and head skin shampoo and we should use both of these if we want our hair to look perfect! Sadly, I had to leave in the middle of this event and I have missed a huge amount of important information… But, I have a few testers to try and I will definitely review them after using!



My first outfit:

Trousers / Zara

Shoes / Este

Coat / Mango

Handbag / Marella



The main reason why I left this event so early was because I had to go to the fittings at the best designer’s in Lithuania (J. Statkevicius) office! I participated in his show a few years ago and it was AMAZING!! This designer is so talented and it would be an honor to walk on a runway with his clothes again! But we will know it in a few months, because yesterday I was just a model for them to see how clothes looks on a real human!



After that I came back home, changed my outfit and went to my first Deichmann event which was held in a really modern restaurant “Grey”. On this event we heard and saw some news about the new Ellie Goulding collection and some of the most popular trends of this season! Of course, It was really fun because we had a chance to choose form Lindex clothes & Deichmann shoes and create our own outfits for a photoshoot! Can’t wait to see the photos! In the end of this event we had a chance to choose a pair of shoes from this new collection, so, keep updated and you will see how I style mine!






Second outfit:

Shoes / Este

Trousers / Mango

Blouse / Zara

Watch / Cluse


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I just want you to know that from now on I will post just one time in a week, because I will start studying in the university and I won’t have a plenty of time to post…