Paris: Outfits & Food

I know that It’s been a long time since I’m back from Paris, but I still really want to share with you some tricks how you should style your clothes for vacation! But the most important, I will tell you the secret where you can find the best croissaints & baguettes in whole Paris!



First of all, If you’re going on a trip I definitely recommend to plan all your oufits at home. I know that terrible feeling when you’re already at your hotel or apartment and realise that you don’t know what to wear and how to style all the clothes… That’s because the best choices is to spend an hour at home and plan your everyday outfits while taking photos of them. This tip will not only save your time during vacation, but also will help you to look stylish every day!



Well, talking about the outfits which I wore in Paris, I actually took a lot of dresses with me, because I believe dress is the most perfect clothing piece for exploring city in summer especially when it’s really hot… As you probably might have seen on my Instagram already, I wore a few really bright and unique dresses which isn’t really usual for me… All these outstanding or really trendy clothing pieces aren’t worth buying because you wear them one or two times and when it just become boring, but I have a little secret how to avoid spending 60 eur on a dress which you will wear only once.



The best choice for me is this chinese online shop:  I know that products aren’t the highiest quality, but I believe it’s perfect when you want something trendy and don’t want to spend hundreds! Btw I order just dresses or blouses from this site because the sizes are crazy… Especially if you’re a tall girl instead of buying a dress in size XS, take M or L and read all the measurements, otherwise you can accidentally order a dress which looks like a blouse…



Okey, I think it’s enough about clothes and let’s talk about my second favourite topic in the world – food! You may know that Paris is a city full of macaroons, pastries & croissaints shops that’s because forget all the diets while being here and believe me, you won’t regret!



Just look at this perfection… I can’t even explain the taste and the smell of this beauty, which was elected as the best croissant in Paris few years ago! I definitely recommend to visit this old bakery called:   and try their baguettes, croisants & pastries!



The second place this I really recommend to visit is the  cafe in the center of the biggest street in Paris Champs – Elysees. I recommend visiting this place maybe not because I really liked the food there, but because of the interior of this place! Everything inside looks like a princess house or a museum!


Of course, if you accidentally travel with a boyfriend like mine who is always hungry or you’re just tired of croissants every morning,  I definitely recommend you to visit this cool American place called: Breakfast in America. Here you’ll find everything for a perfect American brunch or lunch and you’ll be full till the evening ( not lying…)


I really hope you enjoyed this post & my tips will help you to stay stylish on vacation and enjoy good food in Paris! I’m always waitting for your comments about which topic you would like me to write more and questions so don’t be scary to write me on DM! And now I’m ready for another adventure and next time we will meet near the Adriatic sea!



Must see & do in Paris

Well, well, well, as you probably might have seen already I‘m back from  one of the most beautiful cities in our planet – Paris. After being there for the first time in my life I can really say that I fell in love with this city! All these little streets, local parisian cafes & tasty crossaints touched my soul and I just can‘t wait to go back to this magical city as soon as possible!


So, if you know me for a longer time you probably have noticed that if I‘m traveling somewhere I Always try to find the best places to eat, drink or take a photo. That‘s because  todays post will be everything what I personally recommend to see in Paris and in my next post I will tell you more about the best spots to eat!



Must see in Paris:


  1. Of course, everyone knows that they need to visit Louvre, Arc de Triomphe & Notre-Dame de Paris, but some people forget to mention how breathtaking the Sainte- Chapelle is! Definitely recommend to visit this place and don‘t forget that all the museums & churches, including the Louvre, for students are FREE, you just have to show your ID and you are able to go!



  1. Sacre –Corour Basilica & The wall of love – These two sights are located in the iconic region of Paris – Montmatre! I know that‘s a little bit far away from the city center but it‘s definitely worth visiting because Sacre – Corour is really different from other Parisian churches & in Montmatre they have one of the best crossaints in Paris, but I will tell you everything about them in my next post about eating in Paris!





  1. If you love window shopping & watching how luxurious people live, I definitely recommend to visit a street called – Aveniu Montaigne! It‘s located just next to the biggest shopping spot in Paris, Champs- Elysses where you can find shops from Zara to Louis Vuitton. Anyway, in Aveniu Montaigne you can find all these well known brands shops like YSL, D&G, Chanel & etc. And of course, at the end of this street you are able to see one of the most expensive hotels in Paris – Hotel Plaza Athenee, and believe me it looks gorgeous especially at night!



  1. If you are traveling on a budget, just like me, and you don‘t want to spend 40€ just to see Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower I have a perfect solution for you! Visit the biggest & the most luxurious shopping center – Galeries Lafayette because at the topo f this building there is a huge terrace where you can get just for free & enjoy a wonderful view of this magical city!



  1. Well, if someone asks me what was the most beautiful piece of arcitecture that I saw in Paris, I would definitely choose Pont Alexandre III bridge! It is not only really huge & full of details, but it also has an amazing view of Eiffel Tower so I would definitely recommend to go there and watch a sunset & take a few shoots while doing this!



  1. And last but not least, The Iconic Eiffel Tower – Honestly, when I was planning a trip to Paris I thought that Eiffel Tower wouldn‘t even impress me because I was thinking it‘s too boring & mainstream. But I was definitely wrong… when I first saw it all the sky was pink from the sunset and the tower sparkled from golden bulbs! Believe me, the view was spectacular & I really recommend to go and watch a sunset next to the Eiffel Tower while having a romantic parisian picnic! ( Btw at 01.00 am tower starts shining in silver, don‘t miss this view!)


I hope my recommendations will help you to see the best of Paris & after this post you already started planning a new trip to this magical place! In my next posts this week I’ll be sharing the best secret places to eat and I will share everything about the outfits I was wearing!