NewMood Photoshoot

Hello everyone! As you have probably seen on my instagram account already I had a photoshoot with a company ! When I started my blogging career This company was in the list of the brands I was dreaming to work with in the future! That’s why when this company contacted me and offered a collaboration I was more than happy!!!

Talking about in general it is a clothing, shoes and accessories retailer of the brands we don’t have in Lithuania! In their website you can shop brands such as: New Look, Furla, Vero Moda, Calvin Klein Jeans and so on! You could think that “Wait, I can order clothes from New Look on their online store and that’s it” BUT the coolest thing is that you can order everything from and get your order in 1-2 days!!

So, during our project with I was able to pick three outfits which I like the most for my photoshoot, I won’t lie, it was really hard because they have a huge amount of amazing clothes! But I decided to go for three really different looks which you will see below! (All the links of my clothes and accessories in these pictures will be under the photo!)



Barbie Look:

Skirt: Calvin Klein Jeans

Bag: Furla

Jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans

T-Shirt: Jennyfer



SKIRT: Glamorous

SHOES: Vagabond

BAG: Furla

BLOUSE: Vero Moda





TROUSERS: Calvin Klein Jeans

T-SHIRT: Calvin Klein Jeans

JACKET: Calvin Klein Jeans

Travel Guide to Malta

Hello everyone, as you probably saw on my instagram account I just got back from Malta! We spend 7 days there with my boyfriend an it was our first proper vacation to another country so everything was amazing! Moving on, I‘m writing this post to tell you more about where we lived for 34 $ per night and so on!

So, talking about general things we lived in a small city in Gozo island called Marsalforn but there was nothing much to do in this city so we were traveling and exploring places around. We traveled everywhere by a public transport (we bought 7 days card for 21 euros, it was a really good deal because one ticket cost 2euros). We wanted to rent a car for a few days but in Malta they rent cars only for people older than 25 years old so we didn‘t have an opportunity to do this…


If you would ask why we lived in a small city and not in Valletta or something. So it is all about the price… Of course, you can live in the best hotel and the best location in Malta island, but you will have to pay for this. Me and my boyfriend we are still students trying to start living on our own so we don‘t have money for expensive thing at this moment, that‘s why we always try to travel as cheap as possible!   My goal of this post, instagram posts and stories about traveling is to show people that it is not expensive to travel and you can find 1000 different opportunities where to go and where to live for a really small price if you really want to explore the world (If you are insterested this 7 days trip cost us: ~420 euros per person. Flight tickets – 140 eur, Apartment – 124 eur, Transport – 46 eur, Food ~130 eur and you can do it even cheaper if you won‘t eat in the restaurants or find a cheaper flight ticket!!!)




We lived in a shared @airbnb apartment in the Gozo island next to Malta. We lived with Vegan family and it was a little bit hard to relax because the family was at home all day long and they were not really communicative or friendly. Anyway, because of the strange family we spent a lot of time outside and we had an AMAZING pool!!! We also had our private room and bathroom so it was a great deal for such a small price! You can find a link to this apartment here: . And OF COURSE, IF YOU WILL REGISTER TO AIRBNB THROUGH THIS LINK: YOU WILL GET 30 EUROS DISCOUNT FOR YOUR FIRST TRIP!!!! 


Must visit places:


We spend 7 days in Malta and we visited a lot of different places:

  1. Mdina city – really small city full of colourfull doors, little streets and amazing buildings. If you will come with a bus you will see a big gates and through them you will enter the main place you need to explore!


  1. Blue Lagoon – A really beautiful place with turqouise water! This place is full of tourists during day time, so if you have seen blue water before I would not recommend to go there because it is nothing more there than beautiful water full of people:D But if you are like me and you really want to see that magical blue you can go! This lagoon is in the island called Comino and you can get there by a ferry or little boat for 10 euros forward and back. Also, when we were visiting blue lagoon we find a spot to jump from the cliffs, but if you have enough time or live in Malta island I would recommend to go cliff jumping to St. Peter‘s pool, because you will find more places to jump there!




  1. Valletta city – This city is the capital city of Malta so logically it is the most touristy and  in the whole island! You can find there really cute streets, but you can also do some shopping if you want to.



  1. Gozo island – As I mentioned before we lived in a little city of Gozo island called Marsalforn but there was nothing to see there. Anyway, if you will live or come to Gozo island (If you live in Malta it cost 4.65eur to go forward and back by a ferry) I would definitely recommend to visit Victoria city because it is the most beautiful city in this little island! Also, if you will rent a car you should visit Wied il-Ghasri and Wied il-Mielah these places are really beautiful, there is no way to get there with a public transport so you can either go there with a car or go by foot (what we did).


If you have any kind of questions about this island don‘t be shy and write me a Direct message through instagram, I will try to help with everything!



Travel Guide to Budapest (Accommodation, Restraurants, Must visit places)


Hello everyone! I’m finally on my way back from Budapest and I can’t wait to be back home and hug my boyfriend. Of course, I’m writing this post because I want to tell you more about my trip to Budapest: What I would recommend to visit, where we lived and so on…

Well, if you’re planning to go to Budapest I would say that 3-4 days is totally enough to see everything there! However, we wanted a direct flight and that’s why we spent 6 days here which was a little bit too long for us. I travelled here with my parents because they have a tradition to spend mom’s birthday in a foreign country (usually a big city) They have already visited Barcelona, Paris, Rome, New York, Nice and now they chose to travel to Budapest and I decided to join them!



Talking about Budapest, in general, I would say that it’s definitely worth visiting! Budapest’s old town is huge with a lot of wide streets, an active nightlife, many amazing restaurants and magnificent buildings. When I was flying there I thought it would be just a big old-fashioned city with restaurants full of goulash soup and other Slavic dishes. Buuuuut, I really changed my mind when I saw a city full of Vegan restaurants, Instagramable coffee shops and a huge amount of young people.





As soon as we needed a place to live for three people the best decision for us was to rent an Airbnb apartment, because in a hotel you have to take another room for a third person and it costs a lot… I have chosen unique old town apartment with really high ceilings and two separate rooms for me and my parents. You can find a link to our apartment – here . The apartment wasn’t really luxurious or amazing but it was clean and okey for us because we didn’t spend a lot of time at home!  

Also, if you’re planning any trip for your summer I would definitely recommend to search for a place to live through Airbnb, because here you can find cheap apartment in a great location or really unique interior! I have already found apartments for four of my trips in this platform and I loved it! And Of Course, SIGN IN TO WWW.AIRBNB.COM THROUGH THIS LINK : AND YOU WILL GET 30 EUROS DISCOUNT FOR YOU FIRST TRIP! (if you already have an account you can sign in with your mom’s, friend’s or boyfriend email and get a discount!)




As soon as we had six days in Budapest we have visited all of the must visit places here, but my favourites were these:

  • Parliament of Budapest – It looks amazing in a daytime, but it looks even more insane at night! So, I would definitely recommend to go on a boat ride and see all the most beautiful buildings from Danube river at night! You can just go by the river in the evening and buy a ticket for ~10 euros in any ship which offers a night tour in Danube river! BUT don’t go to a ship with 2-3 hours dinner and a piano concert, because we paid 95 euros per person for this and the food was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  


  • Szechenyi & Gellert Thermal Baths – Budapest is famous for its huge thermal baths and we also decided to visit them! Well, from my Instagram photos you can think that “wow, it looks so beautiful” Well, yes, the buildings are beautiful but all the changing rooms and customer service was terrible there (If you’re a Lithuanian, imagine “Linas” swimming pool  in Palanga these days, so yes, the changing rooms and all the inside of this building looks exactly the same) So if you a real fan of clean and hygienic places, prepare yourself for it. Also, when you go there don’t forget to take slippers and your own towel, because otherwise you will have to pay to rent i




  • Fisherman’s village and Buda castle – These two are located on the top of the hill, to go there you can just climb a mountain on foot through the street or you can take a funicular to go to the top! I don’t actually have much to say about these attractions because we saw them just from the outside, but I would say that it’s definitely worth to visit them because they look really interesting and unique!



Honestly, I was kind of surprised of how many good and different restaurants you can find in Budapest! That’s why we tried a different restaurant with my parents every day and these were our favourites:


  • Vintage Garden – Amazing interior & food! We ate our breakfast here and we really liked it so we decided to come back for dinner and it was amazing too!!! It was really surprising for me because you can’t usually find good food in an instagramable places like this one, but in this restaurant everything was AMAZING! Highly recommend!!! (The link of this place – here)


  • New York Café – It was definitely the most beautiful café I have ever seen! The food was REALLY pricy there and not that good, but I would still really recommend to visit this place just for a cup of coffee and enjoy the magnificent interior! Also, don’t forget to book a table online, overwise you will stand in line for ~30 minutes. (The link of this place – here )


  • Cirkusz – A really popular place for breakfast because they have a huge menu full of different options for you breakfast, they serve breakfast food all day, the food is really tasty and the prices are really low! For ex. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice cost only 1 euro! (The link of this place is here )



Well, I believe that’s all from me today, I hope these recommendations will help you while exploring Budapest and if you have any questions contact me through intagram Direct messages!

What to wear for the graduation

Hey everyone! I get a lot of question from you through my instagram account such as: what to wear for prom? What kind of outfit I should choose for my Last bell celebration and so on. That’s why I decided to write a blog post and put here some recommendations and outfit options for your summer celebations!

Talking about the last bell & graduation I also finished my school one year ago and I had the same questions about my outfit as you have it right now. One tip from would be don’t overthink how you will look on that day! Yes, graduation is important celebration but I personally don’t think that you have to spend more than 200 euros for a dress which you will wear only once. That’s why I have prepared for you a few tips and outfit options for this special day! I hope it will be useful for you!


A few tips from me what to do and not on the graduation day:

  • Don’t imagine that you will be walking on a red carpet of Cannes with a long dress and full evening makeup… It is just a simple school celebration and you have to look like a young, happy and beautiful lady. Don’t spend a day in a beauty salon. Straighten or curl your hair at home. Ask your friend or mom to do a cute makeup with a darker eyeshadow and you are ready to go. Remember – Less is more. 
  • Don’t look too vulgar. Remember, you are not in the beach party with your friends and with a really short dress or deep neckline dress you will look really bad and at the same time you will feel terrible during the graduation ceremony when all the parents and teachers will be looking at you.
  • Choose outfit which really feels like you. If you are that type of girl who never wears pink and white dresses don’t wear it. Choose a cool looking black suit or jumpsuit and you will look great. If green colour is trendy right now but it doesn’t fit you at all also don’t pay attention to these fashion trends. The most important thing is to feel good in the clothes you are wearing because just then you will feel and look confident in your outfit!
  • Don’t wear nude or black leggings under your dress! You might think that no one sees them but they do, believe me. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable with naked legs because they look really white, I would recommend to try this Vita Liberata Tan Mousse! (the link)  I don’t know anything about other products they have but this mousse was amazing!! It gives you a really natural tan in a few days and it lasts for 2-3 weeks! It is not a promotion or something it’s just my opinion from my own experience!
  • Don’t forget about the accessories! You can wear just a simple dress and buy a really cool looking bright high heels and match it with unique earrings and the outfit will look perfect!




(RedKarele / White – Zara / Yellow – Zara / Pink – Zara / Black&White – Zara


  1. Suit – If I would be having graduation this year I would definitely wear a chic suit and heels with transparent details! Why? Because suit looks really chic on you, it is trendy this season and you will use trousers or jacket after your celebration separate for your every day outfits! However, there is just a few options of colours, but you definitely can find a lot of different colours of suits at or in other shops. The most important, don’t be afraid to wear a suit instead of a dress!!! There will be 100 girls wearing simple dresses with cream heels and if you want to look stylish, fashionable and cool you should definitely choose something more interesting!



Girly – Storets / “Chanel” inspired – Storets / Elegant – Storets / Unique – Storets


A simple white dress – If you image yourself wearing a simple but at the same stylish white dress I would definitely recommend to check these above! You can wear it with a simple combination of black heels and a cool bag, with white heels and a white bag or choose heels with transparent details and add some of this season fashion spirit to your outfit! (I personally would choose shoes from the recommendations which you will find later in this post!)



 Pink – Asos / Off Shoulder – Asos / Pastel – Asos / Grey – AP line )


Romantic cream dress – If you are a real romantic and you want to look like a simple and happy girl of your graduation day a simple cream dress would be perfect for you! I would wear this kind of dress with a white heels and a simple white bag!



( White heels – Bersha / Red heels – NAKD / Transparent heels – Bersha / Black heels – Bersha / Cream heels – Bersha )


Shoes make sense – If you want to look really cool on your big day don’t forget to choose fashionable or at least stylish shoes! You can choose from white sandals, trendy transparent sandals or classic black heels and even though these won’t be comfortable for you at least it cost just ~30 euros and you won’t regret of wearing these only once.


( Blue dress – NAKD / Red Velvet Dress – LeSLAP / Green dress – NAKD / Red elegant dress – NAKD / Polka Dots set – LeSLAP )


Colours & Patterns – These would be perfect for you if you want to wear a special dress and add minimal looking shoes and accessories to your look! A red dress will look super feminine and with a unique polka dots set you will definitely stand out from the crowd!


Well, I believe that’s it from me today, I hope you find some great ideas for your celebration outfits and don’t be afraid to write me a direct message on instagram and ask if you should wear “this or that” I know that I’m not a stylist or a fashion pro, but I will try to give you some tips from my own experience! Wishlist

Hello everyone! If you’re following me on Instagram you’ve probably already saw that I started working with and I can’t even explain how excited I was then I saw their request for collaboration!!! I was dreaming to work with this company for ages and it finally happened!!! Anyway, the main thing that I want to say for you today is that from February 25th till March 5th with my code: kamiledam20 you will have 20% off for all your purchases in!!! That’s why I decided to pick my favourites from this website and make it easier for you to find something stylish and cool for spring!




( Pink jacket / Check coat / Red jacket / Trench coat / Pink jacket )


( Red big sweater / Grey sweater / Red sweater / Yellow sweater )





( White bikini / Pink onepiece / Black bikini / White onepiece / Orange bikini )



( White blouse / Purple blouse / Black blouse / Pink playsuit )



( Clear jacket / Latex skirt / Red coat / Black coat )



( Off shoulder dress / Red dress / Pastel pink dress / Black playsuit / Dusty pink dress )



( Pink jacket / Denim jacket / White jacket / Denim jacket )



( Red heels / Transparent heels / Red elegant heels / Orange heels )

Welcome to London

Hello everyone! If you watch my insta stories you probably saw that on Thursday evening I landed in London! Even though it is the fourth time I’m in London, I still can’t wait to enjoy this city and explore all stylish and instagramable places in this huge city!



Well, yesterday was the first day while I’m in London and I’ve done a lot of things already! In the morning I meet up with well known Lithuanian blogger @gabrielegz, we ate brunch in a really cute and stylish place called:  “Bronte”. I won’t say that it was really tasty, but the interior was definitely worth seeing! After our brunch we went to Soho area and tried to find some cool vintage shops, but sadly the clothes was really overpriced or accessories were from a random chinese internet shop… Anyway, after a looong afternoon of photoshoots and shopping with Gabby I left her and meet up with my cousin after her school. We suppose to go shopping a lot, but I was smart enough to wear uncomfortable heels and my feet were dying…(((: So, after a few hours of harmful shopping we just decided to go home and continue it tomorrow!




Trousers / Stradivarius

Shoes / Mango

Sunglasses / Bersha 

Sweater / Stradivarius

Handbag / Zara