20 Gift ideas for Her

Well, well, well, Christmas is coming and if you don’t want to spend half of your day standing in lines while buying gifts the last minute, I would recommend to think about them right now! I know that for many people it is really hard to come up with an idea what to buy, that’s why today I will tell you 20 different gifts which will be useful & enjoyable for any kind of woman!


  1. Red Lipstick – have you ever met a woman who won’t like a new luxurious looking lipstick? I don’t think so! Why red? Because it’s really hard to choose the right colour for other person and red fits everyone perfectly! It can be an amazing present for your girlfriend, sister, friend or even mom!  ( YSL red lipstick – here / Cheaper version – here)

2. Stylish watch – of course, a watch can cost from 10 to 100k euros, but you want to buy a really classy, chic looking, wearable and at the same time high-quality watch, I would definitely recommend checking Daniel Wellington! I personally wear their silver watch for almost a year right now and it is still my favourite! By the way, with the code “kamile15” you can get 15% for anything in Daniel Wellington website!!! (Check it here)


3. A stylish phone case – In this era when almost everyone have a smartphone a case for it is a must! So, if you’re looking for a gift for your mom, friend or you just don’t want to spend too much on a present, this gift would be perfect and useful! (You can find some really stylish cases here shop “Karl Lagerfield” ones here)


4. Ryanair” gift coupon – If you have a friend or girlfriend who loves travelling, I can guarantee you that she will like it! (You can find coupons here)


5. Something sweet – if you have a girlfriend or friend who likes sweets as much as I do, she will definitely enjoy receiving a box with handmade gingerbread cookies, her favourite sweets or a box filled with luxurious macaroons! (You can find these cute macaroon boxes in “Ali šokoladine” or “Sugamour”)



6. A stylish cup with the first letter of her name – No matter who she is, this gift will be perfect either for your mom, either for your colleague at work or teacher in school! (You can shop this cup in C&D style)


7. Nail Game gift coupon – if your girlfriend or friend loves fashion and she lives somewhere around Vilnius, she would definitely love getting her nails done in one of the most stylish nail salons in Lithuania! (You can find coupon here)

8. A stylish passport case – if a girl you’re buying gift to likes travelling, this gift will be not only really useful for her, but also perfect for travelling in style or taking pictures at the airport! (You can shop passport cases herehere, here or here )

9. Planner – We all know how important is to plan your time every day, that’s why a simple and elegant planner would be a perfect gift for your mom or sister! (You can shop it here)

10. Fluffy slippers – Every girl who loves cozy evenings with a movie or enjoys wearing all these cute and fluffy things will love it! (You can find perfect slippers here)

11. Gisou Hair Oil – If a girl is really into instagram and she knows who Negin Mirsalehi is she will ADORE it! For those who don’t know, Negin is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the world these days and she makes Hair oil from natural honey, I personally still don’t have it, but comments about this oil is amazing! Can’t wait to get one for myself!!! (You can shop it here)

12. Silk Nightwear – It is definitely a perfect gift for your girlfriend! You can buy a silk nightdress or silk shorts & top! (Shop perfect Lithuanian handmade silk nightwear here)


13. Perfume set – Have you ever seen a women who don’t like new perfume? I don’t think so! That’s why it is a perfect gift for mom, sister or even your girlfriend! (Shop many amazing perfume sets here)

14. A book – If your friend or mom likes reading she will definitely enjoy this kind of gift! If she doesn’t like reading, maybe she loves to cook? When a new recipe book might really surprise her! (Shop some books here)


15. Stylish gloves – We all know that gloves is a must especially if you live in always freezing Lithuania! That’s why stylish & fluffy gloves will be an amazing gift! (You can shop it here)

16. A candle – If your mom or friend likes to decorate her room, she will definitely love this kind of present! Of course, you can find candles for 10 euros or invest a little bit more and get a luxurious one! (Lithuanian made candle – here / Luxurious candle – here / Cheaper version – here )


17. A mini wallet – From that day I got my new “Massimo Dutti” mini wallet, I don’t even use my big one, because it is so much easier to carry it with you everywhere! There was always a struggle when I wanted to go somewhere with a small handbag, because my big wallet didn’t even fit there….:D Hopefully, now I can wear any kind of handbag and enjoy more comfortable life! (Massimo Dutti – here)




18. SPA gift coupon – Who doesn’t like SPA? I don’t think that there are people who doesn’t like to have a massage, enjoy sauna or relax a little bit from every day life! You can search for a night or two in luxurious SPA like “Vytautas Mineral SPA” or you can just buy a coupon for massage in nearest SPA! (You can find some offers for hotels here)



19. A wallet – If a girl still use these big wallets and it isn’t problem for her, she will definitely enjoy new stylish wallet! I’ve used my “Guess” wallet for 3 years right now and it still looks perfect, that’s why I would recommend to check their products or find a cheaper version at Mango or somewhere else! (Shop “Guess” wallet here)


20. Home scent – For me it seems like the best present for your mom! Home scent is not only useful to keep your home smell fantastic, but also it works like a perfect decoration! ( Zara home – here / Rituals – here)

3 Trends to follow on festive season this year

All shades of Red – If you’re into fashion  you probably know that red is the color of this season and you can find clothes and accessories in this color everywhere! Lucily, red and bordo colors is something that really fits with the word Christmas! Well, if you’re planning to spent Christmas with your family at home I would recommend to wear something stylish, but not too chic. A free velvet dress, black/silver midi skirt and red blouse combination or jeans, white shirt & red elegant jacket would be perfect!


(Earrings – Mango / Heels – Asos.com / Velvet jacket – Zara / Earrings – H&M / Red blouse – NA-KD)


Of course, if you’re planning to attend a big Christmas party I would recommend to try all red look, mix glittery top with red pants or wear a chic looking jumpsuit!


(Red jumpsuit – Undress Velvet bag – Mango / Off shoulder top – NA-KD / Chic dress – Undress )


Sparkles – this season they’re back! Talking about all these sparkly and shiny clothes I would say they would fit better if you’re going out for a Christmas or New Year celebration and not staying at home! I believe that silver or black sparkly dress will be one of the most popular outfits for a NYE this year, but if you want to look a little bit different I would recommend to choose sparkly trousers or skirt & wear the with a white or red blouse!


(Silver pants – Topshop / Silver boots – Topshop /  Sparkly dress – LeSlap / Silver pants – NA-KD / Silver jacket – Zara


( Black jacket – Zara / Top with stars – H&M / Black dress – Zara / Silver jacket – Zara )


Stars – You probably noticed that stars is everywhere this season and I believe dress with little stars or a bag with a stylish big detail of a star would be perfect for a Christmas or New Years party! Take a look and choose from my favourites bellow!


( Dress with stars – Asos.com / Bag with star – Zara / Black blouse – Nastygal / Costume with stars – Asos.com )








“L’occitane” advent calendar

Hello everyone! I know that it is still autumn, but I‘m already feeling this magical christmas spirit and all I want is to hug my favourite person and eat gingerbread cookies… Sadly, I can‘t do this, because my boyfriend is far away from Lithuania and I have to pass a loooot of exams before my Christmas holidays… Anyway, everyone knows that the most enjoyable way to wait for Christmas is to have advent calendar and that‘s why today I want to present you this cute and beautiful „Loccitane“ advent calendar!



Of course, probably the most interesting thing for you is what kind of products you can find in this advent calendar and that‘s why today I will share with you the list of the products you can find every day! (Don‘t be afraid, I won‘t say in which day you will find them, because they are all written on the back of the box!)


Well, the products you can find inside this Classic “L’occitane” advent calendar are:

  1. Relaxing shower gel
  2. Cherry blossom bath & shower gel
  3. Shea dry skin hand cream
  4. Delicious soap for the body
  5. Soap with verbena leaves
  6. Ultra rich shower gel
  7. Amande delicious hands
  8. Amande milk concentrate
  9. Cherry blossom shimmering lotion
  10. 5 essential oils shampoo
  11. Ultra rich body lotion
  12. Pivoine flora hand cream
  13. Cooling hand cream gel
  14. Shower oil cleansing and softening
  15. Foot cream dry skin
  16. Arlesienne perfumed soap
  17. Verveine body lotion
  18. Effervescent revitalizing sugar cube
  19. Verveine argumes shower gel
  20. Moisturizing lip balm
  21. Arlesienne eau de toilette
  22. Shea light comforting cream
  23. 5 essential oils conditioner
  24. Milk extra-gentle soap



In my personal opinion, this classic advent calendar is perfect for women who are interested in skin care & beauty, because by having this advent calendar you are able to try 24 different products from „Loccitane“, get to know what you like or don‘t like and find you favourites!


My morning skincare routine & how I got rid of acne

  1.  Hey everyone! I can’t even remember when was the last time I talked about my skincare! I wrote a small post in my old blog a few years ago, but from that time all the products which I use definitely changed! But before I start, I just want you to understand that all the products that I will mention worked perfectly on my skin, but might not work on your skin so well…


Well, at first I will talk about the things I do everyday. When I wake up I always wash my face with a cold water, clean it with a cotton wool (I don’t use towel for my face because it might cause little spots) and then I clean my face with a little amount of PCA skin smoothing toner (I wouldn’t say it’s a special one, but my cosmetologist said me to use this one)


Moving on, for about one month I’ve been using Origins Energy-boosting gel moisturizer & Origins refreshing eye cream and I love it! At first the moisturizer felt too sticky, but then I began to add smaller amounts of it on my skin and now it’s working perfectly! Talking about the eye cream, it really stimulates your under eyes and make them look not so puffy! So, I use them both every morning and my skin looks and feels great!

Talking about the evening, I ALWAYS clean my face with my beloved “Bioderma” micellair water, then wash my face with water and put “Treclinac” gel all over my face!

The main reason why I use “Treclinac” gel every day is because of the problems I had with my skin this summer… Well, to make long story short, I always had a perfect skin and spots was a really rare thing on my skin until the April of 2017…. I don’t know what happened then, but my skin became really problematic at that time… I was trying many different kind of products, but nothing helped… When I finally decided to go to our family cosmetologist and she offered me to try this gel, and you know what? After the few days of using this, my skin became normal again! So, this gel was the main product which helped my skin to recover from acne!

I hope you enjoyed this quick update about my skin care and please feel free to write a comment or write me a DM if you have any questions or want to hear something specific from me!



Origins GinZing™ SPF 40 Moisturizer Review


You know that feeling when you are on vacation and you want to go to the beach but when you apply spf cream your face looks super shiny & red? When you decide to put a little bit of makeup, but when your skin feels cakey and not fresh at all… Yes…I know all these problems and look the same everytime I want to go to the beach without makeup, but Thank God! A few days ago I have received a new product from “Origins” to test and it actually helped me!



As you probably might have seen from my instagram I spent all the weekend by the sea so I had a perfect opportunity to try this new  Origins Ginzing SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer! Well, the first impression when I put it on my face was that it didn’t feel sticky at all and my skin was really moisturized! But the best thing it covered many imperfections of my face! Honestly, I have tried many types of tinted spf this summer, but none of them covered my spots as good as this one did!



Why this moisturizer is worth buying?

  • It really moisturizes your skin
  • It has SPF 40 which is a must for summer
  • It covers all the red spots and other skin imperfections
  • It doesn’t feel sticky on your skin
  • It smells really nice



I hope the review of this products will be helpful for you and if you have any questions about it please leave them down bellow and I will answer as soon as possible!