You know that feeling when you are on vacation and you want to go to the beach but when you apply spf cream your face looks super shiny & red? When you decide to put a little bit of makeup, but when your skin feels cakey and not fresh at all… Yes…I know all these problems and look the same everytime I want to go to the beach without makeup, but Thank God! A few days ago I have received a new product from “Origins” to test and it actually helped me!



As you probably might have seen from my instagram I spent all the weekend by the sea so I had a perfect opportunity to try this new  Origins Ginzing SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer! Well, the first impression when I put it on my face was that it didn’t feel sticky at all and my skin was really moisturized! But the best thing it covered many imperfections of my face! Honestly, I have tried many types of tinted spf this summer, but none of them covered my spots as good as this one did!



Why this moisturizer is worth buying?

  • It really moisturizes your skin
  • It has SPF 40 which is a must for summer
  • It covers all the red spots and other skin imperfections
  • It doesn’t feel sticky on your skin
  • It smells really nice



I hope the review of this products will be helpful for you and if you have any questions about it please leave them down bellow and I will answer as soon as possible!