1.  Hey everyone! I can’t even remember when was the last time I talked about my skincare! I wrote a small post in my old blog a few years ago, but from that time all the products which I use definitely changed! But before I start, I just want you to understand that all the products that I will mention worked perfectly on my skin, but might not work on your skin so well…


Well, at first I will talk about the things I do everyday. When I wake up I always wash my face with a cold water, clean it with a cotton wool (I don’t use towel for my face because it might cause little spots) and then I clean my face with a little amount of PCA skin smoothing toner (I wouldn’t say it’s a special one, but my cosmetologist said me to use this one)


Moving on, for about one month I’ve been using Origins Energy-boosting gel moisturizer & Origins refreshing eye cream and I love it! At first the moisturizer felt too sticky, but then I began to add smaller amounts of it on my skin and now it’s working perfectly! Talking about the eye cream, it really stimulates your under eyes and make them look not so puffy! So, I use them both every morning and my skin looks and feels great!

Talking about the evening, I ALWAYS clean my face with my beloved “Bioderma” micellair water, then wash my face with water and put “Treclinac” gel all over my face!

The main reason why I use “Treclinac” gel every day is because of the problems I had with my skin this summer… Well, to make long story short, I always had a perfect skin and spots was a really rare thing on my skin until the April of 2017…. I don’t know what happened then, but my skin became really problematic at that time… I was trying many different kind of products, but nothing helped… When I finally decided to go to our family cosmetologist and she offered me to try this gel, and you know what? After the few days of using this, my skin became normal again! So, this gel was the main product which helped my skin to recover from acne!

I hope you enjoyed this quick update about my skin care and please feel free to write a comment or write me a DM if you have any questions or want to hear something specific from me!