Hey everyone! A lot of time has passed and many things had changed since my last post about my everyday life! That’s why I decided to tell you a little bit more about my studies, work, relationships & etc.!



Let’s begin with my studies! Well, as you probably might have seen already, I’m studying International business and communication at ISM university (I won’t talk much about it here, because I’m planning to write a separate post about my first month in ISM! So, if you are interested, stay updated!) After one month of studies the main thing I can say is: it’s HARD, but interesting! I’ve met many amazing and motivated personalities and all the atmosphere in the university is really warm, and just after one month spent in ISM, it already feels like home for me!




Well, as you probably have already noticed from all these sad #tbt photos on my instagram me and my boyfriend are in long-distance relationship right now! He is studying at De Monfort university in Leicester, United Kingdom and he really likes it! Talking about how we survive without each other, I won’t lie, first weeks were terrible, but I’ve used to it already and I can’t wait to see him in 18 days!!! Maybe it sounds quite hard that we are planning to live in other parts of the world for 4 years, but we plan our time and we will try to meet as often as possible and, of course, I believe it will be a great challenge for our relationship!




Talking about modeling, I’m kind of back at it, because at the beginning of the last year of school I said to my agency that I won’t be able to participate in any kind of fashion events in Vilnius, because I have to study… But now, I live in Vilnius, so walking in shows or doing photoshoots is a perfect way to meet new people & be involved into Lithuanian fashion!:) Of course, If you’re wondering I won’t travel to any foreign countries and I will work only in Lithuania!




Moving on to work, the last month was all about the studies, so, it’s sometimes hard to find enough time to search for new companies and write emails for them… But now I’m trying to get back at it and have great collaboration for my upcoming trip! One more thing is that I quit my job in “VujVuj”, because it’s actually really hard to control two instagram profiles at the same time and keep both of them interesting… So, I decided to use all my energy for my personal account! Talking about my blog, I’m still confused what kind of posts I should write… Only fashion? Travel? or more information about my everyday life? Let me know in comments below what kind of posts you like the most!

I believe that was all for today, I hope you made a little image how my life looks these days and I will try to keep you updated if something exciting happens!